第一部分内容:Listen and answer

1. What do volunteers do?

They help people with all kinds of problems.

2. When do they have the “helping hands” meeting?

At the weekend

3. Do the volunteers help the old people?

Yes, they do.

Do some shopping for them; help them clean the flats.

… … …


Read their conversation carefully and try to find out the answers to the following questions.

1.What are Simon’s neighbours like?

They are kind and friendly.

2. When and where do the volunteers often meet?

They often meet at the community centre at the weekend.

3.What’s the name of their meeting?

They have a “helping hands” meeting.

4.Who can help Simon check his computer?

A computer engineer can help him.

5.How do the volunteers help the old people?

The volunteers often visit them, do some shopping for them and help them clean the flats.

… … …


all kinds of problems at the weekend broken check

different skills fix homework lucky ready to help

1.My neighbours are kind and helpful . Some of them are volunteers.

They have________and often help us with________ problems.

2.Usually there is a “helping hands” meeting________.

3.People go there when they need help with their________ .

4.Computer engineers are popular. They help people________ their computers.

You can also find someone to________things like bicycles.

… … …

《Neighbours》PPT,第四部分内容:A short report

Dear classmates, we are middle school students now. We can do something for our neighbours.

For the old, we can….

For the young,we can ….

We can also….

If we all help each other,….

… … …


1、List(列出)the good things that Simon’s neighbours do .

2、Write the short report in your notebook.